22 April 2007

Who's to say who can be pilot?

As it turns out, I'm to have a small say watch the process! I'm delighted to announce that I've been invited to act as a guest interviewer admission workshop monitor for the KaosPilot school in Ã…rhus, Denmark. (I don't yet know the exact capacity in which I'll be operating, so I'm presuming that I'll have a kind of advisory role.) According to the official website copy, the admissions workshop functions thusly:

The admissions workshop lasts two days. Here the applicant enters a group of 8-10 applicants divided according to nationality. During the workshop applicants from non-Scandinavian countries work in English. In each group the applicants – either as a group or individually – complete a long series of creative and professional assignments set by the school in collaboration with the KaosPilots external partners.
Sounds like fun, if you ask me.

The workshop is scheduled to take place Thursday and Friday of next week. I'll have more details after I participate. I'm very much looking forward to meeting the some of the school's faculty, students, and prospective students.